Zombie students arrive at Two Point Campus game for Halloween

The acclaimed game Two Point Campus will receive an update that will have several improvements in addition to adding zombie students for Halloween.

Halloween-themed content is free and available now on Two Point Campus, adding vomiting zombies, werewolf teachers, and more spooky content.

Game users can get all these benefits from now until November 1, although Two Point Studios promises that some items and costumes will remain in the game permanently.

Unocero Review: Two Point Campus, humor and creativity in a single game

Another element that adds to the game is that the local Two Point Campus radio station will have new music that will also have the Halloween stamp.

Rounding out the new additions, Two Point Campus’s Halloween update also adds a new Challenge Mode, where you can revisit some of your favorite Campus levels and experience new trials.

A solid and entertaining Halloween style at Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus is the spiritual successor to Two Point Hospital that challenges players to manage a fantasy university.

With this foundation in mind, you’ll find it necessary to create your own campus environment – including wild and wacky courses like wizardry, dragon-slaying knight school, or top secret espionage school.

Two Point Campus is available on PC, consoles, and on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC Game Pass. The game is on sale for the first time on PlayStation, Microsoft Store (PC) and Xbox, and Nintendo Switch

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