YouTube could start asking for a YouTube Premium membership to watch 4K videos

Currently the offer of YouTube Premium aims to win over users by offering videos without ads, playback in the background or on the locked screen, and downloading content. But while these are all things that were never part of YouTube’s base service, soon the platform’s membership could add something that until now is free for all its users: videos with 4K resolution.

Through social networks, some users began to report that when playing content on YouTube and trying to adjust the quality of the video, it was indicated that 4K content would only be available to YouTube Premium users.

For now it is unknown if this is a limited test or directly YouTube plans to start restricting access to 4K content, leaving users who are not subscribed to YouTube Premium with a maximum quality that they can see without paying.

Although 4K is restricted to the most expensive memberships on platforms such as Netflix, that has always been its model and this attempt by YouTube to attract more users to Premium may not work as the company hopes. After all, the sheer volume of YouTube Premium ads has only pushed the platform past 50 million subscribers.