“You were and you are a cake”: Gabriel’s attitude that unleashed the fury of viewers of La Ley de Baltazar

A tense moment was lived in Balthazar’s Law (Mega), after Elisa (Catalina Stuardo) told Gabriel (Simón Pesutic) that she had the chance to go to Argentina for a year after getting a scholarship.

However, shortly after the conversation turned into a discussion after she told him that he would have to go with their common daughter, Colomba (Vivian Inostroza).

“It’s next door, you’ll always be able to go,” she assured. “Forgive me, Elisa, but I’m not going to allow you to take Colomba away from me,” he answered.

She argued that it was only a year, something that seemed too long to him: “But what happens if things turn out well for you? You may meet someone, that you fall in love with the city, that you want to stay…”.

“Gabriel, I promise you that it will only be a year, I give you my word,” she remarked. Immediately afterwards, he replied: “I give you my word that here, in my house, Colomba will not lack for anything.”

In the end, the exchange went nowhere. “Think about it well”, he closed, who until before the teleseries began had been a rather absent father.

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