“You went too far”: Priscilla Vargas misplaced Repenning with a joke about her look after her claim

This Wednesday morning in Your dayJosé Luis Repenning began the morning by making a claim for his look, comparing himself with the outfit presented by his partner Priscilla Vargas.

The driver then took the opportunity to launch an honest joke that disturbed Repe.

“I have to ask for explanations, because if you notice, Priscilla Carolina I ask you a favor, you can stand up. It turns out that with this look and with this punch bowl it seems that I am going to a barbecue, ”commented the communicator.

“But I put the glamor on it,” Priscilla joked. “She goes to a marriage, she goes to a cocktail at La Moneda,” Repenning added about the look of her partner.

The driver then continued by pointing out that “that is my first complaint, not with you (Priscilla), because let’s say it, you look great.”

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To continue his claim, Repe then highlighted how the rest of his morning companions, Libardo Buitrago, Francesco Gazzella and Gianfranco Marcone, looked.

“Look at Libardo’s (Buitrago) hairstyle, perfect. Francesco (Gazzella) with the well-armed jopo, with his product, and please look at Gianfranco (Marcone), all this has a logic, there was a comb, he worked here for many minutes during the morning, ”Repe continued.

“you passed”

He then highlighted Priscilla’s look, pointing out the curls she was sporting that morning. “If you look at who is talking to you… there is talc,” she joked, showing her disappointment.

“No one cares about Repe’s hair… Thirty seconds before going on the air, Pame says, instead of giving us the instructions, ‘Repe you’re with a snap!’ It was the last thing I heard, it was like what’s up,” he commented. Priscilla.

For his part, the driver joked with his hair during this morning, assuring that “I have a blister head.”

“Repe, you look horrible!” Priscilla launched between laughs.

Finally, the communicator reacted to his partner’s joke by pointing out “you went too far, and if you smell… there is no shampoo”.

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