“You see yourself crying, tired…”: Mariela Montero opened up about her tough battle against postpartum depression

Mariela Montero revealed at the end of June the happy news of the birth of his first son, Lautaro. The former reality girl has since tended to soften her followers with postcards of the little one.

However, in a conversation with Page 7the trans-Andean revealed that, despite all the joy she feels after the arrival of her offspring, she is struggling against severe postpartum depression.

Regarding her experience as a mother, Mariela confessed that “I have never lost myself so much in a look, I talk about him and I get emotional, I hold him in my arms and I cry moved because I can’t believe I’m a mom, it’s a whole world of emotions very strong”.

Although the Argentine assured that, after the birth of her baby, “my life has changed 100%, motherhood is strong, it is very romanticized and I think that it is not as rosy as they paint it, it is super tough.”

“I admire more than ever the women who are mothers, who spend hours without sleeping giving everything so that the baby does not lack anything,” she added.

Along the same lines, she reported that “it’s tiring, too exhausting, we are very prone to suffering from postpartum depression, I’m fighting with it now.”

“One has to face life with the nuances it has, and understand that not everything is rosy, but yes, it will always be worth it, since the truth is that I was never as happy as I am now,” he acknowledged.

“It’s hard…”

Mariela recounted about the process she has gone through that, although she has not lost her freedom, her time and her priorities are no longer focused only on her. “That drastic change, with tiredness and exhaustion, obviously affects you emotionally, because your body has changed, your hormones are revolutionized,” she said.

“It’s hard, suddenly you see yourself crying, tired, and that doesn’t mean that you don’t love your son, but it means that you need a little help, a break and incorporate into your life that you will never be the same. That earthquake that comes, until the water settles, is hard and nobody talks about it, ”she added.

Finally, Montero highlighted the importance of asking for help and going to professionals, revealing that she is currently in therapy and receiving the support of her partner and friends.

“I tell everyone not to feel ashamed or guilty of externalizing something that is not their fault, because it is very natural, at least 80% of women suffer from it, although since they live with guilt and believe that if it gives them postpartum depression are bad mothers, and that’s a lie,” she concluded.