“You know who my dad is…”: Carmen Gloria Arroyo confronted a woman who ended up leaving the studio

A tense moment was experienced in a new chapter of Carmen Gloria at your service.

The situation occurred after Jennifer, a woman who owes more than 5 months of rent, complained to her tenant in a tone that The Judge did not like.

“How am I going to pay for electricity and water if the bills arrive in the mail? Don Roberto, I do not know the consumption, ”said the woman to the plaintiff in the middle of the TVN study.

“You came to the house to tell me that the rent was 250 thousand and then lowered it to 200. I had no idea about my elderly father-in-law’s subsidy, you came with that benefit. I did not want to talk to you because I find you a face of ra … ”, fired the defendant.

And he continued with his defense against Roberto: “I did not know how your house was, but you never told me that there was a plague of bedbugs and mice.”

“If you wanted, let’s talk, with our pants off. I am a terrible woman for my things. What state are you going to talk to my house in? In threat? Did you want me to tell you how your brother threatened me?” he asked the man.

After listening to Jennifer, Carmen Gloria Arroyo asked her to come closer.

“Being a good little woman is not being insolent. What I saw is an insolence here and in the chili ravine, ”explained the lawyer.

Then, he indicated “in this hearing respect is given, if you want to be respected, respect it. You are being disrespectful here by acting that way (…) If you don’t like a place, you leave. No one has the right to freely use or benefit from someone else’s right. And the rules of this audience are based on respect. Go back to your place.”

left the studio

After a few minutes, Roberto presented key evidence: his tenant’s neighbors begged him to “please ask for the apartment, since they cannot live there with them.”

“After what I saw, I don’t doubt it,” said Carmen Gloria.

It was at this time that Jennifer opted to withdraw from the show. “I am going to leave this here, because Roberto is a liar. I’m going to retire and I’m going to sue you, Roberto, because you know that my father is rati… I’m going to sue you. Don’t play dumb, Roberto, because you threatened me with death. I swear to you for my son, you are going to pay me,” the woman shouted.