“You have to show your face”: Droguett’s stick to Salas for the crisis in Temuco

Football difficulties do not cease in Temuco. The cast of La Araucanía adds four defeats in the last five games in the Ascent Championship and fell to 14th place in the standings, with 25 points. He is only 5 units from bottom Fernandez Vial (20) and the fear of getting directly involved in the fight not to lose the category grows.

Hugo Droguett acted until last year in Temuco and made a severe analysis of the campaign of the southerners. So difficult is the panorama, that a few weeks ago DT Jorge Aravena left his position, after only 69 days on the bench of the albiverdes. He left with a win, 3 draws and the same number of losses.

“The situation is unfortunate, when you were close to the goal, it is incomprehensible to change everything, the road was well done. You collapsed everything, you made a mess and look where Temuco is now. You dismantled everything and brought people without the same ability as Di Benedetto, (Guillermo) Pacheco, (Juan) Gutiérrez or me. There are the consequences.” Droguett said.


Rooms accompanying Temuco in the Ascent.JOSE ALVUJAR/PHOTOSPORT

“Marcelo (Salas) who played his whole life and (Luis) Landeros (sports manager) who studied should not make mistakes the way they have this year. All those who left were from the First Division, ”added the former midfielder of the Red, the U and also with an important step through Mexico.

Delving into the criticism, Droguett also assured that “The last match made me sad to see my former teammate. I see them sad, I don’t see that they can take the situation forward, they make me want to jump onto the field and help (…) The people at the top have more responsibility and you have to assume and show your face. When we make mistakes, we do it, because nobody does it here”.

Finally, the southpaw stated that “(Salas) is the owner, everyone has to take charge, why go out only in good times? We all make mistakes, it is for men to tell the truth, people would applaud it.

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