“You have to have faith”: Laura Prieto was honest about the possibilities of a return of Me Late to TV

The former reality girl, Laura Prieto, surprised her followers after referring on her social networks to the possibility that the former TV+ entertainment show, Me Late, would return after its abrupt end.

Through her Instagram stories, the former panelist of the program resolved various doubts from her followers, where they asked her whether or not Me Late would return after rumors that they could return but on another TV channel.

“Come back Me Late yes or no, give me hope”, asked a fan of the show. The influencer responded with total sincerity.

“We must have faith!!! The only thing we want is to bring joy to their homes with a fun and healthy entertainment, “he said, sharing a photo with his former teammates Daniel Fuenzalida, Luis Sandoval, Andrés Caniulef and Francisco Halzinki.

Will they reach another channel?

Days ago, the former panelist of the show, Sergio Rojas, drew attention after the site infame I asked him in one of his broadcasts on Instagram if it was true that they would be negotiating to join another station.

“Mega or are they going to cable?” Wrote the media’s Instagram account on live, to which the journalist quickly responded. “I can’t say anything yet, guys of infame, I can only tell you that they are in negotiations right now,” Rojas replied, exciting the fans of the program.

Look at the photo below: