“You have no idea how much it has cost me”: Melina Figueroa showed the impressive transformation two years after being a mother

Melina Figueroa constantly shows her demanding exercise routines on social media to motivate her followers.

On this occasion, the former participant of double temptation shared the drastic change she has seen in recent years, after giving birth to her last baby.

“5 months postpartum vs 2 years postpartum. My path of effort for 1 year and a half with my second Post-Partum, I want you to know that although the transition in a video looks quick and easy, you have no idea how much it has cost me to see the results you see today”, began by saying

The former reality girl stated that it has not been an easy road. “No one knows the secret storm that happens to one every morning, and the smile that you put on every morning, and yet many can envy my achievements wanting the same, without knowing the hard work on a daily basis”, she sentenced.

Figueroa revealed that she suffers from an illness that complicates her when exercising. “And by secret storm I mean living with HYPOTHYROIDISM, everything costs triple, living with many symptoms that when hormones are out of adjustment come to the surface and it is a battle, such as gaining weight, being tired, forgetfulness, body pain, extreme sleep, depression caused by hormones, etc,” he revealed.

He also took advantage of the moment to send a message to his fans. “You can do it and even better. REMEMBER THAT YOU SHOULD NOT COMPARE YOURSELF WITH ANYONE BUT YOURSELF, in your best version. You are unique. Love yourself and value yourself,” she noted.

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