“You got jealous”: Eduardo Fuentes’ question about Paloma Soto that put Stefan Kramer in trouble

-You’re jealous? Eduardo Fuentes suddenly asked Stefan Kramer in the Goodnight to all (TVN).

Faced with that word, in the first instance, the imitator resorted to humor:

I’m not jealous, but who is that bastard? / Tell me who is that bastard… —he intoned imitating the song “I am not jealous” by Bad Bunny, an urban music star whom he imitated for the closing of the Telethon.

Then he began to answer seriously: “Yes, I think so,” he openly admitted, alluding to Paloma Solo, his wife.

In that, the interviewer brought up the book that the comedian has just published, Stefan, short memoir authorized by Kramer (Uranus), in which it goes back to the passage of Paloma through The covers (Mega) during this year. “You got jealous,” Fuentes said.


“I ask that you read it, because in that chapter it took me a long time to be able to explain something that is intimate, that speaks of how miserable one can be as a human being,” he said, “but at the same time, sincere.”

And he relates a situation in which Paloma tells him: “I’m going to wear this suit.” And he replies: “But how are you going to wear that suit”, in reference to the fact that she would show a lot of skin. “I’m going to do Rosalía and I’m going to put on these panties,” she tells him. “But, girl, how?” he replies. “But she is a character,” she launches.

“So I tell in the book that it’s like ‘weón, transform yourself, how are you going to be webiando'”, he reflected. “For other couples it may be normal, but one has been built in another way.” That’s what he relates in that chapter: “This feeling of when you feel certain things, of transforming yourself, transform yourself”, because “there is like an ancestral machismo that one has but perhaps it is not one’s own, it is something that comes, it is incorporated”.

“But when she’s singing on stage, liberated, I love it and I love supporting her.” “I want him to always be happy.”