“You don’t tell anyone because…”: Nicole Moreno’s crude confession about the violent assault of an ex-partner

During the night of this Tuesday, Nicole Moreno will be the star guest in a new chapter of Juego Textual, where she will talk about various topics related to her personal life.

One of them, for example, is related to the moment in which he was the victim of physical violence from one of his partners.

In the middle of her testimony, she will confess that it was very difficult for her to recognize what was happening to her and to get out of that romance and, even, to recognize what was happening to her closest circle.

“You don’t tell anyone because you always think that people can change. It took me a lot to get out, it became a vice and thank God I did it when I realized that I had to respect myself as a woman, start loving and valuing myself, because what was happening did not correspond to it, ”she will admit in the Canal space. 13.

Nicole Moreno’s confession

“I was not able to defend myself. At that time I had no strength. After that I was strong ”, she will complement.

On the other hand, the former queen of the Viña del Mar Festival will also take a minute to talk about her departure from show business. According to her, this was because she had no control over her own history, especially regarding the “tongos”.

“Many things that happened were not things that I caused. They were things they invented. When I went to the programs I always went to clarify. That destroyed me and that’s why I myself decided to leave show business in 2013. I got tired of being hurt, ”she will assure.

For the same reason, and after several periods of crisis, Nicole learned to manage her life better and stay away from controversy. “You have to have pig skin. At some point, the account passed to me, but later, when I began to control things myself, I began to block and it was all the same to me, ”she will confess.