“You do shit… to people and then you stop at the Telethon”: Mauricio Pinilla throws a ferocious stick at a journalist

A furious critic launched Mauricio Pinilla against show business programs and against a journalist in particular, in the midst of his defenses for the cahuines in which he was involved in recent months.

In conversation with Angélica Castro in Radio Agriculturethe former professional athlete spoke of the damage it would have caused to their children the string of hoods that were aired on social networks by some celebrity sites.

“No one knows who is behind those disgusting show pages or show business. I respect journalists but I couldn’t feed my children talking about the lives of others,” Pinigol began by shooting, and then launched himself directly at a particular communicator.

“Stop blowing up your balls”

“Angélica, how do you explain that a journalist is doing a show business, doing shit to people all year long and then appearing on the Telethon as a star entertainer? Stop blowing your balls up, what country are we living in, please”, the ESPN commentator launched without a filter.

“You do shit all week to families, children, television characters, everything and then you stand on the Telethon as if you were a super supportive entertainer and everything… what solidarity are we talking about? For what, to appear, to appear”, Pinilla vented, without mentioning any name.

“In Chile we are still very wrong with the media,” closed the former national team, without receiving a response from his interviewer, who merely went to a commercial break.