“You can’t leave without knowing it”: Magdalena Max-Neef’s wish in the face of Gabriel Prieto’s serious condition

This Monday, the actress Magdalena Max-Neef updated the health status of colleague Gabriel Prieto.

It should be remembered that the 61-year-old performer remains life-threatening and receives care at the Luis Tisné Hospital due to a multisystem failure.

In dialogue with Pleased to meet you, Magdalena indicated that her pair “has had a small advance; the nurse told me ‘I have faith in him’ and I felt that the doctor was more hopeful”.

“Gabriel is very serious, he is intubated and is also undergoing dialysis as a result of his diabetes, but he is responding better to dialysis. His kidney function is starting to improve a little bit,” he added.

Later, he acknowledged that “two days ago the panorama was totally bleak, but yesterday I recovered a little faith.”

Magdalena Max-Neef’s wish

In the same way, the actress thanked “profoundly the enormous affection that they have shown for Gabriel. I have my Instagram collapsed with love, affection, encouragement. And the mail, the WhatsApp… everywhere they ask me about Gabriel”.

“For Gabriel this is very important. Gabriel cannot leave without knowing how many people love him and I, who am his friend, had never considered it. They are people from the most unusual places you can imagine. I think Gabriel has to wake up to see this, “she closed.