You can try Final Fantasy XVI: a playable demo is confirmed, although its details are still a mystery – Final Fantasy XVI

Soon we will know more news about final fantasy xvi. This is what has been advanced Naoki Yoshidaproducer of the game, in recent statements, so the last trailer released surely it will not be the last time we see the title of Square Enix in this final stretch of the year. In fact, more details have been revealed in recent days.

Yoshida himself has spoken about the planned launch for 2023 and how players will be able to deal with it. In an interview granted to the Japanese medium Dengeki Online and translated by GamingBoltthe producer claims that Square Enix will release a Final Fantasy XVI demo and, although we do not know the approximate date, it will not happen long before the publication of the complete game.

The demo will not arrive long before the game launches

“If the information is released too early, the excitement won’t be sustained until the release, so I think a lot of details will be known in the three months leading up to the release,” says Yoshida. “We also plan to distribute a test version”, continues the producer who, although do not specify a date, makes it clear that it will arrive close to the launch of the JRPG, we do not know if before or after it. Be that as it may, we will have to wait to know the official details in the coming months.

Approximate Duration and New Game +

In addition to this information, this weekend we met other statements from those responsible for the game that have left us details such as the duration of the title. “Devoting yourself solely to history, you could complete the game in about 35-40 hours“, said Hiroshi Takai, director of Final Fantasy XVI. “At the moment we do not have a precise estimate, but completing the various secondary content, the global longevity should reach the threshold of about 70 hours.”

In addition, Takai ensures that, once the game is over, New Game will be available +, which will offer us the opportunity to face history again with more powerful enemies and a greater challenge. For all these contents we will have to wait since, although Square Enix has advanced that release date will be revealed soonat the moment we only know that Final Fantasy XVI will be published on PC and PS5 around summer 2023.