You can now explore the open world of SEGA in the purest style of Santa Claus

sonic frontiers It is one of the latest video games to join the Christmas celebrations, since Sega has already made the hedgehog’s Christmas costume available. This DLC bears by title Holiday Cheer Suit, add a Santa Claus costume and it’s already available for all game versions.

This skin joins the collaboration that made the delivery with Monster Hunter weeks ago, where players were given two sets of Rathalos armor. The only difference that the new DLCthe thing is its use is merely cosmetic.

The new content does not stop here

Sega is making it clear that they intend to maintain support for sonic frontiers the new title with which Sega seeks to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its most successful character. New content means new features like jukebox, Photo Mode, Challenge Mode, Sonic’s Birthday, Open Zone Challenge, more selectable characters, and a new story mode. These DLC will arrive distributed in three updates throughout 2023.

New modes, new Koco, new… playable characters!? More Sonic Frontiers content on the way next year!

The positive ratings received by critics and the warm reception of the publicthey may continue to encourage the Japanese company to expand support for the video game. sonic frontiers was released on November 8, 2022, it is developed by Sonic Team and it is the first open world of the franchise.

2022 was a great year for Sonic

End of the year is the time of balances and Sega can be very happy with the tremendous 2022 that Sonic had. To the sales success that was sonic frontiers In addition, the good reception of the second part of his film, released in the first half of this year, the launch of the First season from sonic prime on Netflix and the strong dispute he had with the successful Genshin Impact for winning the prize Best Community Game in the past The Game Awards 2022.