You Can Now Download The Complete Half-Life Saga For PC On Steam For Free


The return of Half-Life, although it has not happened as people expected, has generated great noise in the community, to the point of almost completely exhausting the stocks of Valve Index, a Virtual Reality device, which has been boosted thanks to the Half-Life Alyx ad.

In an attempt to promote the company’s next game, Valve has put its hands in its pockets, for the first time giving away the complete Half-Life saga, with the occasion of the upcoming release of Half-Life Alyx.

As Valve announces to via Steam pagestarting today we can download the Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two games for free.

In order to download this Pack, you must enter this page, and when you click on each of the titles mentioned in the official Valve article, when you do so, Chrome or the browser you use will ask you to open Steam and you will be able to download each game separately. It should be remembered that this Steam gift will remain free until the premiere of Half-Life Alyx, which so far we only know will be released in March.

Half Life Alyx, Valve’s next game focused on delivering a Virtual Reality experience, will have its premiere next March, so they wanted us to get in tune with all the history that circulates in this science fiction franchise.

Although Half-Life Alyx does not make a direct continuation of the saga that is almost 22 years old since its premiere, we will embark on a story that is plotted between the first and second numbered games of the franchise, where Alyx Vance , the only hope of the earth must fight innumerable dangers.

Half-Life Alyx will be released next March, and it will be a PC game, compatible with VR devices.