You can create covers for your own Marvel comics at Midnight Suns

We know it was a little disappointing to see Marvel’s Midnight Suns delayed, when the game revealed a new release date at D23, but the new Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date is fast approaching and Firaxis Games is starting to share more about what is this super. The tactical-empowered strategy game is bringing to the table, and what fans can expect from it. An exciting detail that was revealed during a recent Developer Live Stream was that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will actually allow players to design and create their own comic book covers after each and every mission. And they’re kind of an homage to the developer’s ever-popular XCOM series.

That’s right, it looks like Firaxis Games is taking the traditional Photo Mode mechanic to the next level in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Featuring a Photo Mode feature that the developers seem to have dubbed “The Photo Booth,” players will be able to commemorate any and all hard-fought victories against Hydra, Lilith, and more, with a fully customizable comic cover featuring their current gear.

With Garth DeAngelis, producer of the Marvel’s Midnight Suns franchise, describing the feature as “a Marvel Comics fan’s dream,” creative director Jake Solomon explained that “you get a comic cover at the end of each mission… that you can edit to your liking». contents”.

But what does that really mean? Well, Solomon has clarified that every comic cover is actually generated as a three-dimensional scene, at first, anyway. So this means that players can “go in and edit…what characters are here, their poses, their expressions, the backgrounds, the text” and more.

Interestingly, on the Developer Livestream, he then explains that this is some sort of homage to Firaxis Games’ XCOM series.

“This is the return of the random generator,” declares Solomon, “that we always like to have in our [games]. We like to create user-generated content that people can share. So a lot of the team names that appear will be randomly generated… We hope people have fun with that.”

So while the combat in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is removing the randomness that XCOM is known for, players will still be able to find that in other areas of the game, like, we’re guessing, this cool post-mission photo mode feature. We know that Marvel’s Midnight Suns on PS5 is more immersive thanks to DualSense, but this will be a fun little feature that fans will be able to enjoy on all platforms.