“You are used to treating people badly”: Nataly Chilet faced a tense moment with Mauricio Israel on TV+

The TV+ panelists, Nataly Chilet and Mauricio Israel, staged a tense moment during this day after a new live exchange due to their different opinions.

The event took place after the program analyzed the statements of Eduardo Fuentes about his arrival at the morning Good Morning Everyone, where the journalist stated that the face of TVN wanted to show other content in the morning show, moving away from politics and contingencies. , according to the site look what he did.

The panelist did not agree with the statements of his partner, stating that all the animators said the same thing when they came to new programs, which caused his annoyance.

“I would ask you, dear Mauricio, not to disregard my reports, I write to everyone with great affection,” said Nataly Chilet, while Mauricio Israel also took it defensively.

“You always feel attacked, I simply analyzed the words of Eduardo Fuentes,” the panelist clarified, which led the communicator to again expose her annoyance because it is not the first time they have discussed on screen.

“You are always treating me badly”

“It is that you know that, I do not like that you treat me badly on screen. You are always treating me badly on screen with various bad comments. You are used to treating people badly, it seems, I would ask you for respect, respect for colleagues, ”Chilet added while his colleagues tried to calm the matter down.

“I understand what Mauricio is saying and I would like to continue with what we are doing because I will never reach an agreement with Mauricio because we think differently,” added the panelist while Francisco Kaminski asked what bothered him so much about Mauricio Israel.

“I have to be very honest, since before Mauricio Israel arrived, when I found out he was coming, I felt uncomfortable with the situation because there are things that bother me, that’s why I wrote to Marisol Gálvez that day to have her version of it. to history with Mauricio. I felt that he could not come to say that he is a white dove, since he had a weight and we all have a story, of course, so at that moment it causes me rejection, “confessed the influencer, stating that she was trying to bring the atmosphere professional.

Mauricio Israel’s reaction

“When one arrives prejudiced, there is nothing else to talk about,” reacted Mauricio Israel, who later stated that he felt attacked by his colleague.

“Here there is a questioning of me as a person… I have been questioned as a human being and as a person and that really made me feel bad. That is why I would really like, now, today, at this minute, to stop and leave because I feel questioned as a person. I feel violated as a person,” said Mauricio Israel.

“In this program it has been said that I attack people for the things I say and they feel attacked (…) the people who are in the house, this discussion has already bored them (…) And do I have to apologize to every so often?” The panelist added with annoyance after his colleagues advised him to apologize to Nataly Chilet.