“You abused me in every possible way”: Nicole Block recounted the terrible experience of physical and psychological abuse that she lived with her ex-husband

Nicole Block raised her voice after a series of abuses that she had been suffering since 2019, caused by her ex-husband Cristóbal Meza.

The actress posted on her Instagram account a video accompanied by several screenshots where the man threatens her.

In the film, the interpreter appears crying inconsolably and whispers in a low voice “so that you remember what he does to you.”

The woman tired of the situation decided to viralize the fact and tell her hard experience. “I have been silent for years… But no more”, she began writing herself.

“Ex-husband or husband: the blows, kicks in the back, whipping me against the wall, cutting your neck so that I would not leave, threatening to kill you so that I would not separate, does not compare with the psychological violence that I have had to endure until now. today,” he said in the publication.

She also revealed that her ex-husband got involved with the actress’s eating disorder. “I suffer from eating behavior disorders and you know it, I almost died from this cause and you hit me there, on my Achilles heel,” she said.

The actress pointed out that the man manipulated her until she was separated from her family. “I entered television because my career as a theater actress did not seem enough to you, you took me away from my parents because they seemed uneducated, ignorant and unsophisticated by your standards,” she said.

According to Block, in their relationship he had to stop doing many things so that the man would not be upset. “I had to change the way you dress, leave the red lipstick, leave your friends, among other things, “he said.

“I gave you every peso I earned without seeing a single one, you manipulated me financially so that I would come back to you, because When I escaped from you in the United States, I arrived with one hand in front and the other behind in Chile, while you spent our resources in Europe,” he added.

Nicole says that she felt belittled by her ex-partner. “You invalidated me as a professional, as a woman, as a human being. You abused me in every possible way. Because I repeat to you, as in the letter I wrote to you on 12/17/2019, the day I ran away, with all its letters: you are an abuser, ”he added.

After these harsh episodes that the actress denounced, she explained her reasons for not doing it before. “I felt silly for having endured so much, out of fear. But I am not afraid anymore, ”she sentenced.

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