Xiaomi started removing the charger from its Redmi phones

When Apple decided to remove the plug from its phones with the excuse of an environmental measure received teasing through social networks from Samsung and Xiaomi. And despite the jokes, the South Koreans followed the idea and some time later they took the plug out of their boxes, leaving only Xiaomi.

That will last a little longer, since the Chinese company began to leave the aforementioned plug out of the packaging of its smartphonessomething that will start with the launch of its new models of the Redmi sub-brandwhich is very popular especially in India and also in much of the world including our country, due to its lower prices and higher features.

And it is precisely in India where in the official website of Redmi 11 SE models it can be confirmed that the box no longer has this accessoryso those who acquire it must buy it separately, this is if they do not have another at home.

Now in the section “Package content” the following appears: Redmi Note 11 SE / USB Type-C Cable / SIM Eject Tool / Protective Case / Quick Start Guide / Warranty Card, being demonstrated that the plug stopped appearing as part of the pack.

The matter is striking because if it is about environmental measures, Xiaomi could well remove, for example, its Quick start guide that we know is something that very few read And it always ends up in the trash. As well as the Warranty cardwhich while important, could be changed to a QR code and handled through the serial number, just like Apple does.

Although it is a measure that Xiaomi will implement for the first time on its mid-range devicesthere is still no information if the decision will be extended to the other models of the company, remembering that in certain countries Xiaomi’s high-end phones also do not have the plugbut the user can request it at no cost in their stores.


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