Xiaomi launches unique offers on its entire ecosystem line, to update the smart home

The offer period has begun and Xiaomi knows it very well, who has made available to people and Xiaomi fans, a large number of products for all tastes of its ecosystem line, to continue modernizing the home, listening to the best music or simply to transport in an ecological way around the city.

If Xiaomi has been characterized by something in recent years, it is for having one of the largest ecosystems of smart products in the world, ranging from light bulbs to smart TVs. All of the above, with the purpose of helping people with personal time, facilitating household chores and helping them to have a better quality of life.

Small details make the difference

My Robot Vacuum-Mop Q: The favorite of a large number of people leads again to the unique offers of ecosystem, to continue to make life easier for people over time in the home cleaning. This robot vacuum cleaner will not only have enough power to vacuum all corners of your home thanks to its 2100PA suction power, but it will also do it in an intelligent way, thanks to its 360º scanner that memorizes the rooms to make cleaning much easier. more efficient.

The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P is priced at special offer of $199,990.

xiaomi watchs1active

Xiaomi Watch S1 GL and S1 GL Active: The brand’s latest smartwatches cannot be exempt from this season of offers, which present great technologies to be able to enhance the sport and healthy life of its users. Built with an AMOLED screen, 12 days of battery life, answering and answering calls and more than 100 fitness modes with various types of exercises, these smart watches will optimize training with specific data so that the process is monitored in a much more real way. .

The Xiaomi Watch S1 GL and S1 GL Active are at a special offer price of $179,990 and $139,990 respectively.

My Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W): The quintessential wireless Bluetooth speaker is back in these campaigns, with a sound and battery life so high that it will be more than enough to set the mood for parties and stays on the beach. With a power of 16W, battery life of up to 13 hours and IPX5 waterproof certification, the speaker will be the perfect option to take it everywhere and set the scene for every situation, now that the summer season is coming.

My Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) is at a special offer price of $29,990.

xiaomi mi curved monitor

Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″ EU: Designed for lovers of good visualization or gamers looking for a superior experience for their gaming sessions, the brand’s curved gaming monitor arrives, with high-level features to take advantage of the new consoles on the market. With an immersive ultra-bright 2K display at 3440 x 1440 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and AMD FreeSyncTM Premium technology, which seamlessly syncs frame rate output between graphics card and monitor, content will look faithful. and deep, as taken from another dimension.

The Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″ EU is located at a special offer price of $379,990.

xiaomi scooter

My Electric Scooter 3 EU: Finally, the favorite product of many, awarded for its design, innovation and sustainability, today’s electric vehicle also comes on sale to help people get around in a much healthier, faster and more environmentally friendly way. Designed with a 300 W motor power, a 7650 mAh battery for a range of 30 km, a maximum speed of 25 km with cruise control technology and E-ABS brake, this scooter will be the best means of transport to forget about congestion. vehicular In addition, it is configured and controlled in simple steps with the Mi Home application for smartphones.

The Mi Electric Scooter 3 EU is located at a special offer price of $419,990.

These and more offers can be found in the official stores of Xiaomi Store Y XiaomiOnline, as well as in the main retailers of the country.