Xbox Series XY Tested Toughness Survives Multiple Hits With A Mini Fridge


xbox series x and S are already available worldwide, and millions of players have already been able to experience all the new features and speed of this console, we have already seen this device inside and out and everything it has to offer.

However, there was a test that needed to be done, its resistance and durability against different shocks, which may or may not happen in an everyday situation, such as a Mini Fridge falling on Xbox Series X.

Recently the channel Youtube Plainrock124has released a video of a section titled Bored Smashing, where the Youtuber tests the resistance of the console with different things, using a Mini Fridge as the first object, amazingly the console manages to survive some direct hits and thanks to the slow motion we can see how the force of the impact is distributed in the device.

Finally, when it is confirmed that the console does not turn on anymore, it is determined that the Xbox Series X is quite durable, but clearly now that it is ruined, the same youtuber goes on to completely destroy the console.

As he anticipated at the beginning of the video, he will possibly seek to do the same with Playstation 5, although we already believe that Sony’s console will not be as resistant as Microsoft’s, basically because of its design, which looks a little more delicate than Xbox Series X.