Xbox Reveals Next 3 Bethesda Games Will Be Exclusive

One of the criticisms he has received Microsoft with respect to Xbox, It is that they have not released an exclusive Triple A game for a long time. Despite the fact that years and events go by and they do not announce anything of weight, it has not earned them the purchase of so many studios to fill that void. Well, Xbox has confirmed that the next three Bethesda games will be exclusive.

What part of a larger presentation To counter the FTC’s lawsuit against Microsoft over its acquisition of Activision, there was a lot of interesting information. One of the most notable pieces of information revolves around how Microsoft claimed that it has continued to support online games like The Elder Scrolls Online on PlayStation as a way to show that you plan to support Call of Duty on other platforms. However, he noted on page six of the document that he plans to keep three upcoming Bethesda games exclusive for Xbox and PC.

The names of these games were redacted, but it can be assumed that these are Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI, and possibly redfall, Indiana Jones either fallout 5. It was noted that these games are meant to be played solo or in small groups, therefore they don’t need multiple platforms to connect a large player base for multiplayer.

It looks like Microsoft intends to keep the major franchises online across all platforms, but will keep the single player games exclusive. Not only does this ensure you get exclusive titles for your library, it also doesn’t restrict games that play best with friends across all platforms. Only time will tell if this applies equally to all games, but it seems to align with Microsoft’s philosophy.