Xbox Game Studios Sponsor Discusses Fable and Perfect Dark Development

Presented through videos, the two exclusive to Xbox What are they fable and Perfect Dark have partially disappeared from the radar since their announcement. Meanwhile, rumors of the difficulties Playground Games is facing have gone around the internet, while some managers working at The Coalition have abandoned the project and development. Which worries outside observers and many players who are impatiently waiting to know more.

Aware of all these issues, Matt Booty, patron of Xbox Game Studios, has taken the floor to affirm that everything will be better. He does not avoid questions, explaining that things are not simple. The Coalition is a new studio that hasn’t been left with anything (but could benefit from the help of Crystal Dynamics), while Playground Games is launching its first RPG development (after shining for years with Forza Horizon). , must be remembered).

In short, everything seems to be going better, even if you have to be patient before getting your hands on one of these two games. A more than logical reality, since in the coming months exclusive titles developed by Xbox Game Studios should reach our consoles.