Xbox Game Pass: The family subscription confirms its very economical aspect

Although Phil Spencer’s latest statements are more in the direction of an increase in certain products and services of Xbox in the coming weeks or months, it will still be possible to make nice discounts for certain players. But the current situation does not seem to have released Microsoft’s ambitions to offer a family subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

At the moment, three countries, in addition to Ireland, can benefit. And the very advantageous rates seem to be confirmed on the other side of the Channel. Indeed, The Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family subscription is currently available for €21.99. and allows five players to benefit from all the benefits of the Ultimate subscription. Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, EA Play, Xbox Live Gold, Cloud Gaming… And all of this is profitable from the second person registered, the ideal is to optimize it by integrating a maximum of people.

A small inconvenience, Microsoft indicates that it is currently not possible to use the conversion system for current subscriptions, so it is necessary to wait for the current subscription to end to integrate people who have chosen the “Family and friends” option. . Despite this, the offer remains the most interesting option if the Xbox Game Pass subscription increases in the coming months.