Xbox Game Pass News: This Beautiful Metroidvania Is Finally Available and It Looks Great

Xbox Game Pass: this magnificent metroidvania is finally available and it looks excellent

If you’re a Microsoft Game Pass subscriber, you can now get your hands on Ghost Song, a promising 2D adventure game that has just hit stores. And there is also a trailer to show it off.

ghost song

It can also be said that Ghost Song has come a long way. Originally developed by one person under the name Old Moon, we first told you about it… back in 2016! It was yesterday, November 3, 2022, that the game was finally released commercially by Humble Games. At the moment, on the side of home consoles, is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, SwitchXbox Series and Xbox One. In addition to PCof course.

Even better: In addition, Microsoft has the luxury of offering it directly in the Xbox GamePass, a godsend for the developer who has been working on his software for so many years with all the risks that this represents. Therefore, if you are a subscriber to the catalog of the American giant, you can now download the title and play. But first, a quick look at the owner.

A promising metroidvania

Ghost Song is a 2D action-adventure gameA 2D action-adventure game, allowing for both tough combat and multi-branch exploration. In the jargon, it’s called Metroidvania and it’s definitely a genre that’s not going to get old. Here you play as a necromancer who awakens on Lorian, a desolate moon populated by ruthless creatures.

Fortunately, our “protagonist” is armed to the teeth and will explore the mysteries of this strange satellite. So we can explore a lot of environments – caves, laboratories and other secret passages – A game that allows you to face wild aliens and learn new skills to become more powerful.

Ghost Song is also known for its particular graphic stylevery oriented to bluish and violet tones with a marked taste for luminescence. It gives off a rainy, almost brooding, sci-fi atmosphere, which some would say is quite alluring.

Ultimately, Ghost Song is out now and obviously we’re keeping our fingers crossed that after all these years it’s a good surprise. For now, It is a real success with an average of 88% on Metacritic, which promises a great experience. And it only costs 19.99 euros if you are not subscribed to Game Pass, by the way.