Xbox Game Pass: Amnesia: The Bunker presents its news

The subscribers of Xbox Game Pass are entitled to a small advance in this holiday period and it is the moment chosen by the Swedish developers of Frictional Games to talk about their next production, which will arrive on day one at the game service at the request of Microsoft.

All developers do not participate in the congress. It must be said that the Scandinavians from Frictional Games have kept their premises open during this festive period and thus benefit from a fairly extensive update to anticipate their next production. Announced earlier this December, Amnesia: The Bunker will make us vibrate from the month of March 2023..

Preview for Sortir en day one sur le Xbox Game PassThe next title from the Swedish studio offers a short video that allows us to play some of the elements that will be available in the game. There’s nothing subtle here, it’s all about opening doors using the environment, swinging rocks or exploding barrels of mud, for example.

However, beware: Amnesia: The Bunker is not to get between eyebrows because, like its predecessors, this episode opts for an oppressive and harrowing environment. If you want to get a more precise idea, Amnesia Collection and Amnesia Rebirth have been available since last Halloween on Microsoft’s games-on-demand service.