Xbox Game Pass: A new horror game arrives in March

If you don’t have a short memory, the Amnesia license is largely available on the Xbox Game Pass for a few months with Amnesia Collection and Amnesia Rebirth. Soon, Xbox players will be able to discover a third part of the saga imagined by Frictional Games, and this from March 2023.


Since the information was not completely leaked, neither in the press release, nor in the official trailer of the game, we will have to wait for Microsoft to add a new version of this trailer on the official Xbox Youtube chain so that it is known that the game will arrive on Xbox Game Pass, on the first day. An excellent novelty for subscribers who have enjoyed the other two titles in the franchise also available on the service.

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True horror game specialists, the Swedish developers of Frictional Games have had the opportunity to get to know Xbox gamers a little better with the arrival of several of its games to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. A short time ago, Microsoft and the Helsingborg studio took advantage of the Halloween period to make Soma, Amnesia Collection and Amnesia Rebirth available.

By expanding its audience, the Scandinavian studio hopes to benefit from a little more visibility as it approaches its new title, due early next year. In fact, his new production is called Amnesia: The Bunker, and it will be out in March on the Xbox Store. A date communicated through a first trailer that quickly introduces us to the terrifying atmosphere of this new title.

The developers explain that, for the first time in the franchise’s history, players will benefit from a certain freedom, with a semi-unknown world that will bring some novelties in terms of game mechanics. they promise us of great moments of tension that are due to the events that have been written and the need to adapt their way of playing in order to survive. Some terms that are still very obscure but that should be clarified with the arrival of a first real game trailer.