Xbox does not fall for Japan and continues to try to create partnerships

Very far from the strategy designed by Don Mattrick at the beginning of 2010, Phil Spencer seeks today to strengthen his presence in Asian studies, including China and Japan. A will that has more or less echo today, but that tends to diversify the offer of games present in Xbox and on Xbox Game Pass.

Relations between Japan and Microsoft they have always been complicated. Taking advantage of Sega’s withdrawal from the console market to feed the first Xbox with the games imagined by the old Japanese manufacturer (Otogi, Sega GT, Jet Set Radio Future,…), this has unfortunately not been a shock to others Publishers from the Land of the Rising Sun. Il alors fallu sortir le chéquier pour convaincre et s’offrir A catalog of Japanese games consequent on Xbox 360with excellent titles like Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey or the franchise final fantasy.

Then, the arrival of Don Mattrick at the controls of the Xbox brand completely ruined the efforts of the brand in just a few months, with catastrophic sales of Xbox One in the archipelago and Japanese publishers who were quick to abandon ship. So everything had to be rebuilt with the appointment of Phil Spencer, and les efforts ont fini par payer great support from Bandai-Namco, the more modest from Sega and Capcom, and from the more modest actors who were not in the habit of releasing their games for Xbox, in the image and likeness of Atlus, Marvelous and Nippon Ichi Software.

Seule enigme au sein de la tendance actuelle, Square Enix seems to be the most fragile publisher when it comes to releasing its games for XboxAfter a period of two years in which the Kingdom Hearts franchise has ceased to be present on our machines, in addition to Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Dragon Quest XI, all of which are included in Xbox Game Pass when they leave Xbox.

Except for this particular case, Microsoft’s willingness to have Japanese games on its consoles should not be stressed in the coming years. As proof, a job offer published on the website of the American giant, which is looking for a person to fill the position of Head of Relations with Japanese Creators. This will allow him to continue the work he has been doing since the arrival of Phil Spencer, as well as convince Chinese developers to get closer to his ecosystem.