Xbox, accessories and games: Our Christmas shopping guide

The end of the year is approaching by leaps and bounds and we have chosen to share with you a small guide so that you can have well-garnished sap in products Xbox for this end of the year. So, check out our selection! When you make a purchase through the link below (even for a product that is not listed but is available on the same site), we charge a small commission that allows us to continue our activity. A big thank you for that.

xbox series X

Although Microsoft makes video gaming available without the need for DIY machines on your TV (thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming), it’s still a big plus to have a game console in your living room. To begin with, the proposed quality, ideal for 4K screens capable of spinning games at 60 frames per second. Owning a console is also the possibility of accessing the entire Xbox Store catalogue, and not limited to the Xbox Game Pass catalogue. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X has an integrated Blu-Ray reader capable of reading your games in physical version, but also your movies. The recommended public price is 499.99 euros, that is, fifteen euros less than its direct competitor.

And if you prefer to invest in an Xbox Series S, it is also available, at €279.99 on Amazon.

Xbox GamePass 3 months

Launched five years ago, Xbox Game Pass is quickly establishing itself as the best gaming service. Known as the “Netflix of video games,” Microsoft’s service offers more than 300 games that can be accessed through a monthly subscription. Microsoft offers a dozen games each month, either titles that have been sold for several months or years, or that are available from day one. An offer ultra interesting profitable three quickly if you want to play many different games. With a price of 13.99 euros per month, recommended public price, the 3-month offer is regularly promoted on the Eneba site.

Nacon MG-X Pro and PowerA Moga 2 (Xbox Cloud Gaming)

There is talk of Xbox Cloud Gaming and the fact that it allows you to play without the need for a game console. And although, in theory, a large number of games in the catalog allow you to play in touch mode, many find it more comfortable to use a console. It is even highly recommended for certain types of games such as beat’em all and titles that require a certain reactivity, for example. For this, there are multiple products, and for our part we advise you to turn to the Nacon MG-X Pro if you want to benefit from the gaming capacity of Nintendo Switch, or PowerA’s Moga 2 support if you prefer to play with an official Xbox console.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo

He’s been home for almost a year and a half and he can’t get past it. Often criticized for the use of batteries, the Xbox console nevertheless offers a multitude of options so as not to have to recharge or change its batteries regularly. With the HyperX ChargePlay Duo, you’ll have a dock that you can attach to your case (or another, if you wish), with the possibility of loading two levers simultaneously thanks to the supplied batteries. A practical accessory that also allows you to store your handles easily and conveniently. An IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE as they say.

elden ring

The year 2022 has not necessarily been the busiest in terms of game releases, which is due to the numerous titles reported in the previous year. Drawn at the beginning of the year, Elden Ring quickly established itself as a contender for the title of best game of the year. A new recognition for the Japanese studio From Software that wanted to renew the Dark Souls formula by proposing a more open and therefore less frustrating universe. An excellent idea for a game that we highly recommend.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

We have been waiting for it for a long time and we have not been disappointed. The new LEGO game offers enormous content and, logically, should satisfy both fans of the saga imagined by George Lucas and fans of the little Danish gems. Like other games in the franchise, this LEGO Star Wars has the immense advantage of being play cooperatively with twoWhich allows parents and children to meet together in a great video game.