WWE interested in bringing Braun Strowman back

since he was named new creative chief of WWE, Triple H He has become one of the main drivers of change in the company, focusing his work on the company’s roster and talent. With just a few weeks at the helm, WWE shows have undergone some changes, in addition to the return of several former Superstars.

However, rumors suggest that we will still see more returns of familiar faces. In this sense, the last name that has come to the fore is that of Braun Strowmanformer Universal Champion, whose return has recently been considered in the company’s offices, as he has just reported Fightful Select.

Strowman was part of one of the waves of layoffs carried out by the company in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, on June 2, 2021. It should be noted that the fighter had renewed his contract with WWE in 2019, where both parties reached an important agreement of seven figures and several years. On this matter, the media indicates that sources in WWE revealed that, As his previous deal came to an end, the fighter “played tough during his negotiations“.

Once outside the company, numerous talents confirmed to the media that the independent circuit fighters were upset by the comments made by Strowman about them during his stay in WWE, although some of them were not sure if he was serious or he was just doing it to generate discomfort from his character. In the meantime, sources within WWE have complimented Strowman for appearing “ring ready” physicallyadding that he looks better now than when he was with the company.

Since his departure, Strowman has only wrestled eight matches.being half of them in the shows of Control Your Narrative. However, it is unknown if there have been negotiations as such for his return to WWE or if, if given, how far they would have gone and what plans would have been considered for his return.

In this sense, “people of influence” in WWE did not want to confirm it to Fightful, but they did not deny it either. In any case, although we still do not know if Strowman will end up returning to WWE, what the media can confirm is that the company has shown interest in recovering the fighter.

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