WWE and 2K Games lose lawsuit against Randy Orton’s tattoo artist

During April 2018, the artist and tattoo artist catherine alexander filed a lawsuit against WWE, 2K Games Inc and the distributors associated with the WWE 2K18 video game. Alexander claimed the use of his tattoo designs in Randy Orton’s model for the title, for which he did not receive any royalties.

More than four years later, the headquarters of the United States Court in Illinois carried out the legal process on September 30 around the illicit use of the copyright registered by the tattoo artist. After a series of statements by both parties that totaled almost three and a half hours, the final decision favored Catherine Alexander on wrestling and video game companies.

The jury found that the use of Alexander’s previously registered designs does not comply with the rules of fair use established by the country, and that the companies violated various copyright rules by using them without an authorization from their creator. Given these conclusions, WWE and 2K Games they will have to compensate the tattoo artist financially. At the moment it is unknown what the total payment to Catherine Alexander will be, which would also include legal expenses and the service of her defense.

This case could mark a great precedent for video games inspired by real life personalities. Tattoo artists could become a new factor in the realization of characters in this form of entertainment. Let’s remember that in previous years there were other trials around names like LeBron James and MMA fighter Carlos Condit who have seen them favored.

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