Would you celebrate a goal against UC? Diego Buonanotte analyzed his “quick” return to Chilean soccer

A few days ago, the return of Argentine Diego Buonanotte to Chilean football was confirmed, after a few months at Sporting Cristal in Peru.

The skilled “Dwarf” had spent six years at the Catholic University, being key in some of the recent tournaments that the Crusaders have won between 2017 and 2022.

“A new challenge in my career, I am very happy to continue doing what I like the most,” wrote the trans-Andean on his social networks, posing with the Unión La Calera shirt a few days ago.

Now, in his official presentation to the press, according to RedGol, he declared that “the return was faster than I expected, but things happen for a reason.” He then explained that “I had a problem in Peru and the only condition I put was to return to Chile, which happened quickly.”

Immediately afterwards, he clarified that his return was not due to the convulsed socio-political scene of the neighboring country: “It was a decision of the club and I don’t know why it happened that way,” he explained. “I always had the best relationship with the president of the club, but my departure has nothing to do with the situation in the country.”

In addition, he remarked that “physically I am very well and I am getting to know my teammates and the idea of ​​the coach; little by little I am adapting”, so he expects to feel “100%” soon.

Would you celebrate?

Regarding the chance to score a goal against UC and celebrate it, he replied: “Everyone knows the love and respect I have for Católica; That will not be erased, but today my head is too busy in La Calera to think about Católica, and even less to think about whether I can score a goal in the future”.

In summary, he launched throwing the ball to the corner, “that is missing a lot; I hope that if I score, it will be the weekend against Cobresal”.

Crusaders and Cementeros will only meet on date 15, in a duel that is agreed for May 21.