World impact due to the appearance of alleged remains of Luis Miguel’s mother: they reveal that he would be in a common grave

A real impact was generated in the last few hours by news directly related to Luis Miguel and his mother, Marcela Basteri, whose opinion has been unknown for years and who became one of the great enigmas of the singer’s life.

According to information published by the Mexican magazine TV y Novelas, the singer’s brother, Alejandro Basteri, would have told his closest circle in February of this year that the remains of his mother had been found.

As revealed by the aforementioned medium, the woman’s body would be in a mass grave in Spain. In addition, they affirmed that now the brothers will have to move to that country to undergo DNA tests and, with that, confirm that it is their mother.

It is worth mentioning that the whereabouts of the Italian has been unknown since 1986. The latter, despite the efforts of the “Sol de México” to find her.

Latest background

In fact, the latest historical background that is handled is that in the 1980s he made the decision to separate from Luis Miguel’s father and settle in Spain with his youngest son.

In addition, around his disappearance, various theories have emerged, although some more macabre than others. It was said at the time that she was ordered to be killed by her partner, Luisito Rey (LuisMi’s father and the one who subjected her to serious episodes of violence), and also that he was seen living in those streets of Buenos Aires, although both versions were later downloaded.

Other voices even pointed out that she had been hospitalized for decades in a psychiatric hospital.