Woman denounces ex-partner of brutal attacks: well-known singer la funa with video clip on YouTube

Leyla, ex-partner of the musician and lawyer Yerko Triviño, targeted the subject for his constant attacks and threats. Despite the fact that there are two restraining orders, the Chilote artist would continue to make life impossible for him. In fact, he managed to get her arrested last September.

“Since this relationship ended, I asked him for my things and he refused at all times to give them to me. Perhaps the bad idea was to go looking for things by force and it occurs to me to climb the fence, enter from behind and I spent about six minutes. If the cameras caught me, I thought it didn’t matter, it was all my stuff, ”he acknowledged, about what happened at the end of September.

In dialogue with the morning of CHV, the woman recalled that “at night he came with the police to my house, they arrested me, I was detained all night. In the morning there was a formalization hearing, he takes screenshots of that hearing and, as a result of that, he makes a tremendous fun against me. I am ‘Castro’s thief’ and she made a song that she has distributed throughout Chile ”.

he made a video

Later, Leyla explained that “it is a song with my first and last name, at the end of the song my address comes out, with everything. He took the time to make a video clip and upload it to YouTube”.

“Apparently he is proud of this because he shares it every day, he made a fake Facebook and uses my photos,” he lamented.

Finally, the woman recalled that “he has two restraining orders against me, because the violence was repeated. And yet, having those orders, he comes to my house, parks nearby…he has tried by all means to leave me as ‘Castro’s thief’”.

At the end of the interview, the animators of with you in the morning They confirmed that the Ministry for Women and Gender Equity will contact Leyla and give her advice.