Woman acknowledged being the ex-wife of a well-known soccer player in full office: she played in the Red

During the morning of this Friday, the journalist Juan Pablo Queraltó walked along the Viña del Mar waterfront to talk with different people who, from early morning, were carrying out sports activities.

Such was the case of Claudia, a woman who was walking through the sector and who agreed to talk with the notero of with you in the morning.

Seeing her alone, JP wanted to inquire about her personal life. It was in this context that the neighbor from Ciudad Jardín surprised by revealing that she married a well-known ex-soccer player: “I live alone, but I married a soccer player, but I am not going to name him because it will get muddy here ”.

After clarifying that the relationship with the former athlete has ended, Claudia gave some clues to her identity: “He played in the Chilean team, he is from San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, he played 9. Juan was very good.”

When asked by Julio César Rodríguez, who was following the talk from the studio, the woman gave other details: “He played for Everton, in Mexico, but he fought in Mexico, he knocked out the teeth of a goalkeeper and bye, but let’s not talk about him ”.

“Juan is good for soccer, but let’s leave it there,” he said.

After a few minutes, when Claudia had already moved away from the office, the morning notary counted the signature.

identity revealed

“Juan Pablo, but what was the husband’s name? Is it Juan Carreño?” JC asked him.

“He told me it was Juan Carreño, but he told me not to say it, so it’s between us,” confirmed Queraltó.