“Without sounding superficial…”: Lucila Vit drew applause after sharing a record of her marked figure six months after the birth of her daughter

The model Lucila Vit surprised her followers after sharing a record of her figure six months after the birth of her daughter Agustina.

Through your account Instagramthe influencer posted a photo where she shows off a toned abdomen, sharing a special reflection on the changes in her body after the birth of her baby.

“6 months postpartum and I want to leave you this photo without it sounding superficial, because it goes beyond that… I want to convey to the number of women who write to me with many doubts about how I did it to get back to my weight quickly and tell them that yes you can and in a NATURAL way”, he pointed out.

“I am lucky that I love to eat healthy and train but obviously there is an effort behind it, perseverance and discipline… I had been training before getting pregnant, I also did it during pregnancy, until the last day of delivery, and they barely gave me the high I went back to my routines…”, affirmed the model.

“I never did a strict diet”

“There is no more secret than a healthy diet (with as little processed food as possible) and physical exercise… Without obsessions, I never followed a strict diet, on the contrary, I included more variety in my meals because I was aware that I was feeding my baby in the tummy, “said the trasandina.

“And now with exclusive breastfeeding (I haven’t had to use formula at any time so far) and luckily Agus never suffered from colic,” revealed Lucila Vit.

“With all this I want to conclude by saying that a healthy life not only affects looking good physically, we also help our interior and that of our baby during and after pregnancy; And how important it is to feel good about ourselves in body, mind and soul, ”she added, receiving messages of congratulations for his figure.

Look at the photo below: