“With this performance…”: Villanueva’s ironic comment that irritated white fans after a ticket to Betis

A wave of reactions generated an ironic message from José Luis Villanueva after the Colo Colo thrashed against Betis in Concepción.

The comment by the former UC soccer player was given in the framework of the review of the Cacique’s notes at the Ester Roa Rebolledo stadium.

“Give Colo Colo the Copa Libertadores, I think he’s ready with this performance,” Villanueva said on ESPN F360.

Regarding Juan Martín Lucero, a great figure of the match, he added: “I don’t know if he can be a good replacement for Panda del Betis (Borja Iglesias). Lucero is not more than William José? He proved it today.”

Already more serious, the former artilleryman tried to explain the massive victory of Colo Colo in the south of the country: “I think there are factors. Imagine: you played the whole season against the best teams in the world, with tremendous challenges and they put you on a tour to South America where you have to fly 13 hours. The guys are shot.”

“Watch out, which is not detracting… When you have to trample on a rival, you have to trample on him. And Colo Colo did it. That said, it was a drag for these guys to come here, ”he stressed.


As expected, Villanueva’s analysis generated various comments (and criticism) on Twitter: