“With the microphone I!”: Lucho Jara lived an uncomfortable moment with the manager of Coopeuch in the Telethon

During the early morning block of the Telethon, Luis Jara experienced an uncomfortable moment with the manager of the Coopeuch when they were delivering their donation to the solidarity campaign.

The singer and host was in charge of receiving the representatives of the cooperative at the Telethon theater, when the clock showed around 2:30.

It all started when Rodrigo Silva, manager of Coopeuch, took the microphone from the artist’s hands. “We are in an important year for the Cooperative, we turned 55 years old and we wanted to do something special for this work that represents us a lot”, he began pointing out.

After this, two officials revealed the amount they donated to the solidarity crusade: $21 million 200 thousand pesos.

It was then that the driver and the manager lived the particular moment. Silva wanted to say something else but Jara was leaving.

“No, if I’m not cutting anything. Do you want to add something else?”, commented the driver. So the manager asked for the microphone. “If he starts singing, yes,” answered Jara.

However, Silva did not respond to the joke and took it to announce that they wanted to supplement the number initially delivered.

Before he could say it, Jara grabbed the manager’s microphone again and called for a drum roll. “Yes now? Do you want the microphone?” asked the singer.

“But with the microphone me,” Silva replied, dislocating Jara. After this, he announced that the figure donated by Coopeuch was 400 million pesos.

The moment did not go unnoticed and in social networks they reacted to the “discussion” between the singer and the manager.

Check out the awkward moment below: