With the historical narrators of the WWE and the feared national diva: international wrestling arrives in Chile

International wrestling returns to Chile. The first two confirmed dates -December 10 and 11 in Santiago and Valparaíso- promise sensational days with the greatest figures from various leagues in Europe, Japan, the United States and, of course, Chile.

The first confirmed fighter is Will Ospreay (29 years old). Born in the UK, he is a benchmark in the discipline. His achievements include his participation in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring Of Honor and All Elite Wrestling. He is currently the IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion in his first reign.

Ospreay is considered by specialists as a “beast of the ring”. He has a privileged technique and a temperament cultivated in leagues as competitive as the Japanese one. He has been three times world champion and many others he has been steps away from being a winner.

Within the framework of the first confirmed Chileans, the figure of Coyote emerges, a living legend of wrestling. With more than two decades in the strings, he enjoys love and hate among the fans. Backed by a curriculum that many already wanted, he announced that he comes to this commitment with the conviction of becoming the champion, whoever he is.

In addition, the participation of Natalia Moya was confirmed, who, every weekend, plays Gidget, a fierce tome and loin fighter. According to her account, since she was a teenager she dreamed of becoming a figure of hand-to-hand combat, in the style of the North American league WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Her inspiration was Amy Christine Dumas, known as Lita, an American professional wrestler who is considered a forerunner of the female presence in the ring.

Where to follow the fights?

“Heroes of the Ring” will be held on Saturday, December 10 at 6:00 p.m., at the Ñuñoa Sports Center and on December 11 -at 6:00 p.m.- at the Fortín Prat de Valparaíso. This will begin a tour whose destinations will be announced soon. Tickets can be purchased through Passline.

The public will not only be able to enjoy the show live. The organizers announced that all the confrontations will be transmitted by streaming through the PPV modality (pay per view).

“Wrestling has been waiting for the golden moment for the return to television for many years. This immediately transforms it into a historical fact. The standard of national wrestling has already expanded to international levels and our talents are measured against their peers from abroad, showing a world-class show,” says Braulio Moreno, one of the organizers of “Heroes del Ring.”

unmistakable voices

The conduction and narration of each of the fights will be in charge of Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich, the legendary duo of historical voices of the WWE Latin Spanish broadcast for more than 25 years.

This fact is key to understanding the importance and transcendence of “Heroes del Ring”.

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