With Alexitico’s son as vocalist: this is how La Noche prepares its new musical work

Like little kids with a new toy. That’s how happy they are in the group La Noche in this long-awaited musical premiere, where they will show all the hits they made in these times of pandemic.

For the same reason, now the band will throw all the meat on the grill and their first preview of their new one, called “Motel Mil Estrellas”. Specifically, these days they premiered the song “I love you”, which marks a change in relation to the style that the cumbia band has accustomed to its fans throughout its 22-year career.

The song is already available on digital music platforms and YouTube, it is the first approximation of the material that the band will present on its new album, which will be released at the end of November this year.

In fact, this past night, La noche surprises with a theme that turns its classic mischief upside down, to bring a hymn to couples in love at the moment of getting engaged.

This is how Alexis Morales, better known as Alexístico, advances it, who tells details of this new production and more officially presents his son Gabriel, who took the baton as the band’s singer in 2019, but due to the arrival of the Covid -19 have not been so many times that he has been able to appear in public.

“I think we have a kind of renewal of spirit with this new material, we have new people for the media. Gabriel, even though he’s been around for quite some time. new airs. It comes very renewed despite the fact that we are always maintaining the style of the La Noche group, which is the usual tropical style, but with the incorporation of my son, who I am very happy that he is with us”, said the founder and leader of the band in conversation with La Cuarta.

And along the same lines, Gabriel also raised his voice to tell how it was that little by little he joined the group.

“I started in the band taking photos in 2012, on the reunion tour. At that time I sawed the floor photographer. In 2015 I started doing the keyboards and then in 2017 I started doing choirs. And in 2019 I finally took advantage of sawing off the singer’s floor and now I’m learning to play the accordion”, jokes the vocalist with the pop newspaper.

Immediately afterwards, Alexis again takes the floor to provide details of the new musical work that they have been working on “in the shadows” in these years of the pandemic.

“We have the idea that this new album with new airs has 16 songs, all of them original. We had a lot of songs, so we said we had to do something. And we decided to split the album in 2. As times have changed and now it is very important to be campaigning for singles for the platforms, therefore we wanted to make two 8-song EPs out of the 16 songs and promote the singles by four for have the largest number of singles on top”, says the also music producer.

“We don’t want some songs that we find very beautiful to go unnoticed, so we are campaigning to be able to single out four songs before launching this first wave,” he added.

In addition, as for “You fall in love with me”, Gabriel also dropped some chips on how that rudder was put together.

“It is a wedding song, a confession of love, something much more romantic than picaresque, which is what La Noche represents. But with other songs we continue with the naughty line of the group. We recently released a song called El Divorcio, now this is the counterpart, which is when you want to get married. We are from side to side, ”says the 27-year-old with a laugh.

“There are quite suggestive themes and theme names. For example El delicious, Motel thousand stars, so we continue along the same path of naughty songs, but this is a small exception to offer this theme to all the people who want to get married. The delusional (laughs)”, complements Alexético.

– Hey, and how was it to work all this this new material, very difficult?

– Gabriel: due to the pandemic we began to rebuild our recording studios, so since those two years we were unemployed, without playing or anything, then Alexicio locked himself in the studio, started making songs and said ‘alright, now we are going to release the disk’.

– And the video clip of the song, how was that experience?

– It was in the purest style of Maroon 5, where several marriages appear. We were inspired a little by that, we Chileanized it and we looked for normal couples. None of the people who are in the video clip are actors, but rather they are pure weddings of everyday life, we were lucky that they invited us to one of their weddings and we asked those people for their authorization to record them, because we already had in mind make the video clip And they all agreed very cordially and are now reflected in that beautiful video clip. It was in the purest Maroon 5 style, with the distance and respect they deserve (laughs).

– And what can your fans expect from these new songs?

Gabriel: We hope that people can listen to each song with determination. Because the songs are really good. There is an important message in each song and I would like them not to go unnoticed.

Alexitic: It’s a 100 percent concept album. Each song has its history and has its development through time. I believe that we can continue living with the styles that are always in fashion, or those that are temporarily in fashion. Because we have done them before. I remember when we went in 2006 to one of the most listened to albums in the country and reggaeton was full. I believe that this type of thing has not changed until now and there is a group called La Noche for a while. And there are people who like our style.

– Is there any new collaboration coming? With some more urban singer, what is hitting?

– No, we have collaborated with many Chilean artists. With Luis Lambis from La Movida Tropical. With the guys from Claws of Love we have done a lot of things. With DJ Méndez in the past, we did one with Sonora Palacios this year and the option of combining different styles is never ruled out to see how that experiment turns out.

Gabriel: La Noche at the time collaborated with Los Wachiturros. Go figure. There are no limits. Anything can happen.

Alexitic: our past condemns us

Gabriel: I don’t know, I was 12 years old (laughs again).

Gabriel’s arrival to the group

– Hey, Gabriel, how was your experience of joining the group?

– It’s a lot of work and I caught it out of the blue because as you know, when I was a singer with the group La Noche, I was a backing vocalist and keyboardist at that time. So when the singer did not come to this presentation I had to assume the role to be able to get ahead with the presentations that we had at that time, so it has been a path of great effort, a lot of rehearsal and a lot of dedication and singing exercises.

– And how about sharing the stage as father and son?

– It is very beautiful and nice to share the stage with someone like Alexístico, to be upstairs with him, because since I was a child I always saw him from below, so now I am next to him defending the songs of the group La Noche in each presentation and listening to the people singing each song is something that fills the heart.

Alexitic: it is a super rich pride to work with Gabriel. And there is also Antonio, my other son, who is also working with us on the technical side. He is starting to play the bass, so in a while we will have a lot of Morales because there is also my cousin, who is also Morales. We are going to have a pack of Morales on stage, the whole family.

– But do you get along with Gabriel?

– We have a super rich connection on stage, despite the fact that downstairs we fight a lot, upstairs we have a super good symbiosis and a connection with the people. We have realized that nothing is scheduled and at the same time it comes out quite spontaneous. So at the concerts we have a very close contact with the people and a super rich communication. And natural. That it has not been achieved with all the people who have been in the band, so on that side imagine, super happy. On the other hand Gabriel despite the fact that he has very little time as a vocalist, he advances by leaps and bounds. And he gets me out of the problem that I have never liked being a singer, so I dedicate myself to the composition part, which is my forte, and I leave that responsibility to him.

– A dream then, Gabriel…

– The truth is that I never asked to be a singer. I honestly did not expect to be a singer, but I have found pleasure, affection for this art because I have met very good people throughout my artistic life, with good teachers, teachers who have helped me a lot in cultivating my voice. Then one ends up becoming fond of the matter.

– And that first experience was very complicated…?

– The truth is that at first we were all angry and confused because we had the hope that this boy would come to sing, and when 10 minutes into the show they tell me that I have to get on. I look at the musicians, I look at my cousin who was there. They all stood next to me and on stage it wasn’t difficult. If you have the support of all the songs that the group La Noche has, you shouldn’t be afraid on stage because people react very well. With that base and with all the band that was supporting me, I didn’t feel afraid, my legs didn’t shake. I had the confidence and luckily it turned out super well. Also, since I was a child I have been super fans of the group La Noche. I’ve been listening to them since 2003, since I can remember.

– Alexis, what evaluation can you make about these 22 of the group?

– One hundred percent positive. Although it is true that the group has had ups and downs, like everything in life, it cannot always be triumphs, there are also failures and things that one has to face, it serves as professional growth so that later in the future we do not commit the same mistakes, and at the same time also being able to continue in this music business with a lot of dedication. Because imagine. A 22-year career is not easy. Many people have passed and we give all thanks to the artists who have passed through the band. Musicians, singers (except one, he says between laughs) but the rest have all contributed their grain of sand to make this band national and popular. I draw purely positive conclusions and I think that with this album we are extending this musical career. Happy that people can continue to listen to us and always grateful. The night remains for a while. We are giving the pass to the new generations little by little.


It is worth mentioning that La Noche will present this new album in two parts. The first will be at El Trotamundo on October 15, and then the second leg will take place on November 12 at Enjoy Santiago.

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