With a private shower and a wide variety of equipment: this is the prison where Dani Alves is being held

Last Friday, in news that shook the sports world, Dani Alves was arrested in Barcelona, ​​Spain, accused of a crime of sexual assault. The head of court 15 in the Catalan city then ordered preventive detention without bail for the Brazilian soccer player, who in a matter of hours was transferred to the Brians 1 prison, located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires.

However, after three nights there, the former right-back for Sevilla, Barça, Juventus and the greenyellow was transported again. Specifically, Alves is now in Brians 2, a neighboring prison, which stands out for its better equipped cells, designed for “a better coexistence”, according to the Spanish media.

The Brazilian lies in module 13, along with other prisoners for crimes against sexual freedom, waiting for his investigation to progress. Meanwhile, he will share a cell with another inmate. The idea is that he be accompanied to “overcome the feeling of anguish and stress that entering prison can cause,” the newspaper noted. The vanguard.

What is Alves’ cell like?

Brians 2 opened 16 years ago in Sant Esteve Sesrovires. Contrary to its neighbor, his architectural philosophy claims that “inmates have a first space of reference, which is the whole of the residential module” and that the cell acts “as a more intimate space”, according to the definition provided by the Government of Catalonia.

The construction is divided into 14 residential modules, each with three floors and 72 cells. There are also two other modules designed for “determined profiles”. Each module, by the way, has a doctor’s office, occupational workshops, dining rooms and a hairdresser’s, among other services.

The cells, as mentioned above, can be individual or for two people, like the one prepared for Dani Alves. Perhaps its biggest feature, or convenience if you will, is that each cell provides its own shower. In other words, the Brazilian will avoid community showers while he is behind bars, a fundamental aspect for the administration, which sought to avoid leaking information about the footballer’s day-to-day at all costs.

Finally, Brians 2 covers 14 hectares and, among other facilities, offers a communications area with 40 booths, 30 rooms for family visits and another 30 rooms for intimate visits, eight booths for judges and lawyers, and two videoconference rooms.

It also has a swimming pool, indoor gym, library, an auditorium with capacity for 250 people and terraces for free activities.