“With a clear conscience…”: Pinilla’s enigmatic reflection in the middle of a video leak with a renowned escort

The blows continue over the controversy that involved Mauricio Pinilla this week. This, after the well-known escort, Natthy Chilena, shared a couple of stories on social networks in the commentator’s apartment. “To a cool address”, she threw it into the water in one of the publications. In another, it showed the former player sitting next to another woman.

As expected, the records generated a stir from those in Farandulandia, so much so that both stars have referred to the subject in recent days. Even the reaction that Gala Caldirola would have had, with whom she had been romantically linked with Pinilla, was leaked.

“With Mauricio we are friends, we have known each other for a long time, but nothing has ever happened on the sexual issue, none of that and the stories are old (…) you have to believe me, it is my word, that things are not misunderstood” , later clarified Natthy, who revealed that the videos were from at least five months ago.

“I am not going to refer to that ridiculousness, compadre, to create more controversy,” Pinilla clarified for his part to Luis Sandoval, who contacted him on WhatsApp and asked him directly what had happened.

In addition, the former soccer player added that “it’s not bad vibes, but I prefer not to talk about my personal things, regardless of the subject.”

Pinilla’s reflection

But that is not all. Later, the face of TVN shared an enigmatic reflection on their social networks.

“Today I go to sleep with the joy of someone who has done things well and with a clear conscience to have nice dreams,” wrote the former Universidad de Chile striker on Instagram.

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