with 50 cents discount at the pump, Total stations taken by storm

Wilfried Devillers, edited by Yanis Darras

A few days after the new government rebate on fuel, TotalEnergies stations are always full. And for good reason, the fuel is still 20 cents cheaper there than elsewhere. The oil giant offers an additional discount of 20 cents per litre. If motorists are delighted, the competition is alarmed.

It is a scene that has become commonplace in front of the TotalEnergies stations in France. In parallel with the new government discount (18 cents since April 1, increased to 30 cents since September 1), the French oil giant is offering an additional discount of 20 cents per liter at its petrol stations. As a result, many motorists line up in front of the red and gray stations to save money.

“It’s totally worth it”

In this Parisian Total station, a long line of vehicles runs from the station to overflow onto the road. Because it must be said that fuel prices are much cheaper there than elsewhere. Barely €1.44 for a liter of SP95, €1.68 for a liter of diesel. “It’s almost 50 euro cents less than elsewhere. It’s definitely worth coming here,” explains Édouard.

And the Parisian motorist is not the only one to have this idea. Proof of the success of this rebate, some stations of the oil giant are dry. “I wanted to fill up at a Total station near my home, so in Neuilly-sur-Seine and unfortunately, there was no more gasoline”, explains Jérémy. And to add: “And when I saw that this station was open, I jumped on it” he jokes.

No competition alignment

“I would like to see the same discount everywhere,” Ayman sighs as he refuels. “I would like to have these low prices everywhere, both at Total and at BP, Shell, Carrefour or elsewhere. I don’t see why Total does it and not the others”. But the competition has already warned that it could not match the Total rebate, to the point that several Esso stations have suspended their fuel distribution in the face of the scarcity of customers.

French motorists have two months to take advantage of this discount. This rebate should nevertheless decrease in November and disappear completely in December.

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