will insurers withdraw from certain geographical areas?

“In a year like 2022, and the year is not over, we are already at four times the amount of climatic claims of a classic year”, estimates Pascal Demurger. Guest of the show France moves, the director general of Maif affirms that the cost of disasters, such as storms, hailstorms, floods or even drought have been increasing for more than a decade. “The drought, fifteen years ago, cost 100 million euros. Five years ago, it was 200 million. This year, it’s 700 million euros”, he specifies. at the microphone of Elisabeth Assayag.

The insurability of the complicated geographical areas in question

The Maif “assumes a large part of this financial burden”, and “does not pass it on to the prices”. However, if these amounts became too large in the future, “it would become a social problem with a risk that, in certain geographical areas, some people would begin to have difficulty finding an insurer”, underlines Pascal Demurger. The question of the insurability of these areas is raised, he presses on Europe 1.

The general manager of Maif guarantees that his group is present everywhere and that he does not refuse to take out insurance “whatever the place”. “On the other hand, if all the insurers did it, we would have to find a solution at the national level”, adds Pascal Demurger, who reports that today, geographical areas are faced with a choice of insurers more restricted than elsewhere in France.

“A minimum base of coverage”, advocates the DG of Maif

“There are geographical areas which are indeed very exposed and in which, probably, a certain number of insurers risk withdrawing”, notes the director general of Maif, referring to the fact that these difficulties can concern individuals, businesses or local communities.

For Pascal Demurger, the way to avoid this extreme situation would be to “define a solution with the public authorities, and therefore a legal regime which would impose a minimum base of cover with an affordable and accessible rate that insurers should subscribe to. to have exchanges, both within the profession and with the public authorities on the subject”, advances the director general of Maif.