Will Disney+ follow Netflix? These features would not come to your plan with ads

The video streaming industry is about to see one of its great revolutions materialize. And it is that now platforms like Disney + or Netflix will not only fight to conquer the users’ portfolio; the advertisers wallet is the next big target.

For a few months the plans of both services have been confirmed to launch their new cheaper levels with advertising before the end of this year.

Netflix will launch its plan with advertising in Mexico on November 1 and we already know how much it will cost

As announced a few days ago, Netflix will officially begin rolling out this new subscription plan early next week in at least 12 markets.

Although this news opens up new options for users, it is true that those interested will not only have to deal with some commercials; in reality they will have to assume that they will not receive all the benefits.

Three points stand out to the naked eye. Netflix users who opt for the cheapest plan will not be able to download content to watch it offline, nor will they be able to enjoy series and movies in 1080p HD and they will not have at their disposal the complete portfolio of content that the streaming service now boasts.

The idea of ​​limiting certain goodies on one level with ads now seems like a good idea for Disney+ as well.

Will Disney+ go the way of Netflix?

At least that’s what a code lets you see discovered by Steve Moserwhich suggests that the GrupWatch and SharePlay features will not come to the Disney+ ad-supported plan.

Both resources, in general terms, allow you to watch movies or series remotely with other subscribers.

The reference is pretty clear. Inside the discovered Disney+ code it reads: “Groupwatch and Shareplay are not available to accounts at the ad level.”

Although Disney + has not confirmed or denied this information so far, which, incidentally, may be a simple placeholder or a decision of the platform that is reversed just before the launch scheduled for December 8.

These types of situations will be a great differentiator if we consider that now more than ever the competition will be frontal.