Wild Rift: The new champions that will arrive in version 3.4

A new season is about to start in the wild rift that will bring many surprises, including four new champions.

League of Legends: Wild Rift celebrates its anniversary with a major new content update, bringing not only gameplay changes but also new characters. The seventh season will add four new champions in patch 3.4, which will hit the servers on September 14.

Since its launch, Wild Rift has been expanding with new content on a regular basis and although it is still a long way from being close to its PC version, it continues to add champions to entertain its community. With the arrival of the new patch, we will see in the wild rift characters that are relatively new to League of Legends and one of the most requested by the community.

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The new head director of Wild Rift, Jaren “DarkHorse4Life” Berbach presented a new update dev, where he talked about the new champions we’ll see in update 3.4. Gwen, Yone, Vex and Warwick they join the wild rift in the next patch.

New Wild Rift Champions patch 3.4


The Sacred Seamstress makes a quick debut in the mobile game, having joined the PC version last season. She will be designed for the Baron lane and will be the first to be released from this list, arriving on the official server on September 14.

I ne

The indelible returns to life from the realm of spirits, to once again face his murderer: His brother Yasuo. I ne It will be playable in both the mid and Baron lanes and will arrive on September 21.


The depressed yordle, just like Gwen She hasn’t been in the PC game that long, but she’s ready to make her wild rift debut. Announced for the mid lane, it is expected to be available on October 26 with a skin from the Haunted collection.


Of the four characters that will be joining in this patch, Warwick He is the oldest in LoL. His kit makes him a very easy champion to use, especially for players who are just starting out in the jungle. He will be the last to arrive at the wild rift, making his debut on November 3.

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riot is working on adding variety to wild rift and these new champions are an example of that, we have to wait for the new update to arrive on the official server to see how players adapt to these changes.

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