Why was the band called Los Enanitos Verdes?

If there was a period when bands with unusual names were a thing, it was the 80s. In Latin rock bands, both in Chile and Argentina, there were names as bizarre as GIT, Upa!, Sumo, Rare Device, ZAS, Diplomatic Bag, Forced Landing, Soda Stereo, but perhaps the jackpot goes to Los Enanitos Green.

And all It was based on an urban legend, at least that’s what the band says on its official website. The rumor would have been growing and even had some resonance in the media.

The specific event was a simple and innocent family photo, but that was acquiring at least disturbing tints. Worthy of The least expected day.

“It was the year 1979 and a family of tourists, while visiting the Puente del Inca in Mendoza, took a photograph. When revealing it, some green dwarfs appear on one side of said family. At the time of taking the picture obviously no one saw them but after the development they were there. This fact had a notorious public transcendence appearing in the local newspapers. And some even say that the photograph reached NASA to verify its authenticity.

“Legend or reality a friend of ours who was a journalist for a magazine baptized our fledgling group with the name Los Enanitos Verdes de Puente del Inca and so it appeared in the first chronicle. The members opted for half of the name: ‘Los Enanitos Verdes’, but they could also have been called Puente del Inca”.

Under that name, they began performing in 1983. Later, they released their first self-titled album, which included the seminal hit I’m still singing. The rest is history, a successful trajectory that marked an era, especially in our country.

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