why no agreement seems possible between Martinez and Borne

Barthélémy Philippe, edited by Gauthier Delomez

Philippe Martinez and Élisabeth Borne meet at Matignon this Wednesday evening, as part of the government’s consultations with the social partners on the sensitive issue of pension reform. A discussion which should be without outcome, the secretary general of the CGT being radically opposed to a postponement of the legal age of departure.

The discussion looks tense. The secretary general of the CGT Philippe Martinez entered the office of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne this Wednesday evening to address the pension reform. A meeting in line with the consultations of the social partners started by Matignon this week, before the presentation of the long-awaited reform, and so risky for the executive. But between the number one of the CGT and the Prime Minister, no agreement seems possible.

While Elisabeth Borne wants to postpone the legal retirement age to 64 or 65, Philippe Martinez dreams of a return to retirement at 60.

Elisabeth Borne “knows what to expect”

The secretary general of the CGT will hand over in March, and he wants to afford a last stand by bending the government. He also announced the color in front of the media, just before entering the office of the Prime Minister. “The last time I spoke to her, maybe she forgot what I said. There, we wrote to her, so she can’t pretend that she doesn’t know the CGT’s proposals “, he thunders first.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to work longer,” continues the number one of the CGT. “The climate is tense, and it risks becoming even more tense. She knows what to expect,” warns Philippe Martinez. According to the CFTC and CFDT unions, the scenario chosen by the government would be a postponement to 64 years, with an acceleration of the Touraine reform which should bring the contribution period to 43 years for a full pension. However, all employee unions are also opposed to it.