Why Maulma withdrew from an interview in Qatar

The singer Maluma withdrew from an interview in Doha, when asked about the situation of human rights in Qatar, host country of the World Cup that starts this Sunday.

It happened in an interview for an Israeli medium. The Colombian is one of the three interpreters of tukoh takathe official song of the tournament released this Friday, in which Nicky Minaj and Myriam Fares also participated. In addition, their participation in the opening ceremony is expected this Sunday.

It was precisely that event that sparked the concern. In the preview, artists like Rod Stewart, The Cure and pop star Dua Lipa refused to participate. In the case of the Englishwoman, he argued her refusal by pointing out: “I hope to visit Qatar when it has fulfilled all the human rights promises what he did when he won the right to host the World Cup”.

For this reason, the journalist asked Maluma: “You know, I have to ask you, some stars (Dua Lipa and Shakira) will not participate in the World Cup due to poor records in Qatar in terms of human rights and obviously people think, Does Maluma have no problem with human rights in this country?

The Colombian responded, visibly uncomfortable: “Yes, but it’s something I can’t solve, I am here enjoying my music and my beautiful life, playing soccer too. It is not a reality to be wrapped up.”

But the dialogue did not end there. “But do you understand that people might think you’re here…”, the journalist told him before the man from Happy the 4, interrupted him: “I don’t understand why you ask me this question.”

“I only ask you for what people want to know …”, the journalist managed to say, when Maluma simply stopped and said: “You are rude.” Without further ado, he left the studio. “Am I rude? Why am I rude? I just want to tell you what people think,” said the professional.